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La Koketa App featured by ChicWorkChic

Date: Oct 14, 2019 One of the leading US blogs about working women on the rise published a detailed review on La Koketa app, which emphasized the importance of digitizing your closet because "LaKoketa app’s matching algorithm allows you to experiment with your wardrobe by mixing and matching your clothes or having [the “what to wear” feature] select you an outfit for the day". Read the full review to find out how to make "the most out of what you already have in your closet" and how to shop smartly "new pieces that will integrate well into your wardrobe as a whole".

Interview on DarikNews: "La Koketa matching algorithm could change the retail sector"

Date: June 24, 2014 La Koketa app was selected as one of the technological innovations in retail that will change our social environment in the joint initiative by IBM and Darik Radio "5 in 5" innovations based on the technological scenarios by IBM projecting the development of innovations in the five major sectors: education, health, retail, security and cities. Check out the full interview with one of the founders!

La Koketa in Fobes Bulgaria

Date: January 2014 La Koketa's co-founder Gery stars in the special annual print issue of Forbes Woman magazine in Bulgaria. The interview covers the big idea behind the creation of La Koketa, the unique matching algorithm of the application, the funding by the first accelerator and the essential fine-tunes in market strategy that come with it and entail new functionalities and new opportunities.

La Koketa among the first startups selected by Eleven

Date: 31 Jul, 2012 We hope you’re having a great summer. While you’re chilling at the beach with a refreshing cocktail or embarking on exciting summer adventures, we’ve been working hard on some challenging opportunities for La Koketa. But it’s all worth it! After months of preparations, meetings and presentations, La Koketa was selected by Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund to enter their first startup cohort in September’12. It was a tough competition. We rivaled with about 500 other innovative and laudable projects. The first Eleven startup selection was covered by WSJ, TechCrunch and GoalEurope blog. What does it mean to you all La Koketa users? A bunch of new cool features that will make you love La Koketa even more. Stay tuned and stay fab!

EJSTYLE Fashion Blog about La Koketa

Date: 16 May, 2011 In May UK's fashion blogger Emma Hill devotes one of her posts to La Koketa. Emma is leading the EJSTYLE blog and currently working for Juicy Couture. "I am sure it [La Koketa] will be a huge hit with fashionistas round the world!", Emma asserts in her post. Read the complete post on EJSTYLE blog!

Digitize your wardrobe with La Koketa and FashionablyMarketing.com

Date: 13 May, 2011 The leading blog on digital media and retail FashionablyMarketing.me presented La Koketa "like a modern stylist, ready to help you look at your outfits in a different light". The highly positive review highlights La Koketa's powerful features and chic design. "This is truly a modern go-to stylist. There is certainly lots of functionality packed into the app for just $0.99", the leading blog further concludes. Check out the full review!

La Koketa is among the Best Apps by MSN's lifestyle portal Glo.com

Date: 27 Apr, 2011 Location: Worldwide La Koketa is featured by Glo.com as one of the Best Apps of 2011 to help you navigate your life! Glo.com is a leading lifestyle site for women covering the best in style, beauty, living and relationships, part of the MSN family. La Koketa is the only fashion app exclusively featured in the prestigious ranking. Check out the full article!

Pop Champagne sparkles about La Koketa!

Dates: 07 Apr, 2011 Julie Lan, female fashion blogger from Canada, talks about La Koketa on her blog Pop Champagne: "Too many events and never know what to wear? La Koketa can solve the problem for you!". Since 2009, Pop Champagne's been doing outrageous commentary on celebrities, fashion, pop culture- as well as the happenings in Ottawa, Canada. Read La Koketa's full review by PopC!

BettyConfidential: La Koketa helps you look your best!

Dates: 29 Mar – 01 Apr, 2011 PJ Gach, Senior Editor Style&Beauty at BettyConfidential, wrote an exclusive review of La Koketa Style Advisor. "La Koketa helps you look your best. It’s like having Rachel Zoe living in your phone." BettyConfidential is a leading online magazine with 2.5 million unique visitors a month, also the winner of the min 2010 Best of the Web Editorial Excellence Award. Selected by Forbes.com as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women”, it is also recognized as one of the fastest-growing women’s websites. Enjoy the full review of La Koketa!

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