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What to Wear?

How often do you wonder what to wear? Once, twice daily or even more… Women spend 287 days of their lives deciding what to wear according to research.

La Koketa has the answer to your problems when it comes to outfit dilemmas! The endless feed with outfit ideas combines your own clothes with your fave brands. The “What to wear?” matching algorithm suggests outfits that you can wear immediately based on your personal preferences.



Shop Smartly

Do you end up buying a new piece and you have no idea how to wear it?

The revolutionary AI matching algorithm “What to Wear?” shows you how new clothes match your wardrobe before buying them, thus making your shopping decisions smart and easy.
By just tapping a single button “See in outfit”, you’ll get a number of outfit ideas combining your own clothes with the desired item. Then the purchase decision is no brainer!


How-To Tips

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Packing for trekking with La Koketa app

Here I want to share with you an amazing and particularly challenging trek that we decided to embark on and the way I used La Koketa app to help me pack for the adventure.

I know that most blogs tell you about the importance of packing light and choosing the comfiest trekking boots to enjoy the experience. This is totally true obviously, but my mind is somehow bothered by how I’m going to look on the trail as well (to do justice to the incredible vistas, you know). 🏔😉

How to digitize your closet with La Koketa app

We are thrilled to introduce you all to our new feature that helps you build your dream closet in a blink of an eye! 😉

Now you can find and immediately add to your closet the clothes that you already own. Just tap the “add item” button and search the catalog for the pieces already in your physical wardrobe.

How to build versatile summer outfits - 1 skirt, 4 looks

The vibrant and happy season is here, and we have one life to enjoy it regardless of the special circumstances. They simply remind us that time should be invested in high quality experiences with favorite people and what better way to enhance them by adding a splash of mood-boosting color.

Currently, I kind of abstain from shopping, but find incredible joy in rummaging through my digital closet on La Koketa app and finding all time statement pieces that can transform my look from street to office to glam by a swift change of shoes and accessories.

Six Styling Roles with La Koketa app

I’ve come to realize over the past month that I must embrace different roles that entail various mindsets and capabilities, all of which happen under the same roof. I’m supposed to be the teacher, the mother, the cook, the wife, the entrepreneur, the animator, you name it. 😊 💪

The difficulty, however, arises from the fact that we usually associate our roles with certain contextual changes that are not the case right now. So, I decided to ease the transition into each role by dressing up accordingly, the goal being to tune effortlessly into the activity at hand.

This in turn reminded me of a powerful decision making technique called The Six Thinking Hats developed by Eduard De Bono so I decided to refer to my coping strategy as “The Six Styling Roles”. I find this very efficient because the outfit change immediately evokes the right frame of mind even in the absence of the relevant setting. Thus, in my current world the proper outfit influences the character switch, which in turn improves daily activities and decisions.

How to best utilize your Time at Home

It’s hard to grasp the breath and depth of the changes affecting our world and it definitely takes a lot of energy and mind control to stay calm and positive, to adapt and eventually evolve amid the turmoil. Personally, I’m firmly resolved to keep a decent level of normality while working, home-schooling my girls and managing an overwhelming household. 💪✨

The best therapy I came up with over the last two weeks that helps me alleviate the estrangement is doing all home activities in style. Getting properly dressed for the day ahead helps me maintain a relatively high degree of familiarity in my agenda and relationships. I’ve also discovered that changing outfits for different activities puts me in the right frame of mind to enjoy them efficiently. My world has changed abruptly, but I somehow try to make the most of it for as long it may last.

4 Tips on Creating a Customized Closet

We all go through different stages in our lives that require a tailored approach to our style if we are to appreciate the way we look, feel and interact with others. After all, our clothes reflect our self-confidence and the right outfit can help us handle people and situations smoothly and gracefully.

The good news is that La Koketa app can successfully tackle the syndrome of “having a closet of full of clothes and nothing to wear”.

New Year Resolution on Clothes

I’m constantly witnessing the toll on the planet by the carbon footprint incessantly left by its dear inhabitants and this is the direction I choose to pursue. Since fashion industry is the second biggest polluter and user of virgin resources, I want to “be the change [I] want to see in the world” as Mahatma Gandhi once said.

Ever since I’ve started using La Koketa, I’m kind of reluctant to buy new clothes and I try to use the ones I own more diversely and to shop smartly and consciously. La Koketa app reinvents my closet by suggesting fresh ideas for outfit combinations.

Tips on Packing with La Koketa App

La Koketa app has introduced packing lists in the outfits section, which is a perfect feature for frequent travelers who can tag their outfits with the name of the upcoming trip.

Here I’ll share with you how to pack efficiently and lightly by getting ready-to-wear outfits, while avoi ding excess baggage or adding random pieces that can’t be combined.

How to Wear Christmas Red?

I love wearing red during Christmas holidays! It amplifies the spirit, enhances the mood and makes me feel festive, jolly and merry!

Here’s how we styled with a couple of taps on La Koketa app for the Christmas party of Campus X , where our star team is located.

Tips on Combining Colors with La Koketa App

Are you a master of color mixing or do you gravitate towards nudes and blacks in your daily outfit choices?

Combining colors is a virtuoso skill that tells a story about the way we feel and our innate desire to interact with the world. I’ve always regarded colors as mood boosters and the choice to add a splash accent or its lack thereof can communicate a great deal about our daily motivation, energy levels and state of mind.

Check out how to approach mixing and matching colors like a pro in the article!

How to Avoid Default Outfit Combinations

I’ve noticed that I always stick to default outfits for one reason or another, be it a lack of time or a doubt in my styling skills. Every time I encounter an exciting pleated skirt or floral jeans in my closet, I think long and hard how to find its best matching pair. However, I always end up combining it with the same top that I usually choose for that particular piece.

As a result, I’m tirelessly and relentlessly wearing the same “default” outfits as I’ve come to refer to them. You can imagine how tedious and uninspiring this can be especially if you have dozens of prospective candidates for matching…

4 Tips for Planning Daily Outfits with La Koketa App

How do you choose your everyday look to seize the day?

There are many strategies for building daily work outfits, the ultimate goal being to be prepared to handle your many responsibilities and to sustain your focus on what’s ahead of you worry-free, stylish and confident...

3-Step Outfit Plan to for Transitional Seasons

I find transitional seasons exacerbating for a number of reasons, the unpredictable weather and the associated outfit troubles being the most demanding of all.

The challenges however always provide us with opportunities, so I choose to grab the chance and upgrade my personal style in line with the shifting trends instead of grieving over the passing summer vibes.

I’ve devised and tested a 3-Step Outfit Plan that has proven to be very efficient in alleviating the difficult switch from summer to fall mode in mood and outfits...

4 Simple Steps to Digitize your Closet with La Koketa App

I think everyone has experienced cases of a closet clutter in varying degrees, which makes the daily ritual of dressing pretty stressful and takes away of the pleasure of prepping up for a stylish day ahead.

The good news is that you can easily build your dream closet and effortlessly discover castaway pieces with La Koketa.

In this article I share some tried and tested tips on digitizing your wardrobe quickly and easily!...

Getting Started with La Koketa App in 9 Easy Steps

In this article you can see 9 easy steps to get started with La Koketa App.

1.Download the app from the App Store:


2. Register with an e-mail or log in using your Facebook or Gmail account.

3. Select your favorite colors, styles and brands during the onboarding. Later you’ll see outfits with these preferences in an endless feed on the home screen....


How do I create an account with La Koketa?

You need to create an account with La Koketa to start using the app by registering with your e-mail or using your Facebook or Gmail account to log-in. Thus, you'll have all of your clothes and outfits safely stored in your account.

How do I access and manage my account settings?

You can access your account by tapping the "person" button in the top left corner.
Account settings screen

When do I select my preferences?

You can define your favorite colors, styles and brands right after creating an account and then you'll see them featured in the outfit suggestions on the Home Feed. Afterwards you can easily change your criteria in the "Filter" on your Home Feed.
Onboarding preferences

What do I see on my Home Feed?

Your Home Feed displays outfit ideas based your preferences for favorite colors, styles and brands. If you've added your own clothes to La Koketa, then you'll see them combined with your fave brands.
Home Feed screen with outfit ideas

How do I access and change the filters on my Home Feed ?

The filters let you change your criteria such as color, style and brand so you can see outfits based on you preference every time you modify them. You can access them from the top right button "Filter" on the Home Feed.

How do I add a preferred item in "What to Wear?"?

What to Wear? feature can be accessed from the button in the middle of the tab bar as well as directly when viewing an item in full screen.

How do I add an item from my Home Feed?

When viewing an item, just tap the "Plus" button in the bottom right corner and you'll see a categorization screen with filled-out criteria that you can edit according to your personal taste and then simply add to your closet.
View an item from my Home Feed

How do I add an outfits from my Home Feed?

Just tap on any of the outfits you love from your Home Feed to view them in full screen, add them to your outfits or shop some of the items.
View outfit from Home Feed

How do I access my digital wardrobe and how is it organized?

Go to the "Items" on your tab bar to view all the clothes that you've added to your digital wardrobe.
All items screen layout

How do I add an item to my digital wardrobe?

You can easily add your clothes by tapping the "Plus" button on your Home Feed, in the "Items" section or when viewing a piece you like in full screen.
Edit item screen

How do I create an outfit?

Make sure you have added your own clothes to your digital wardrobe before you start creating an outfit.
Create outfit mode

How do I access and view my saved outfits?

Go to the "Outfits" on your tab bar to view all the outfits that you've created and added to your digital wardrobe.
Outfits section layout

What do "Shop picks" mean?

Shop picks feature shop items based your preferences for favorite colors, styles and brands.
Selected shop picks

How do I use the "Shop" section?

You can easily access the "Shop" section by tapping "Shop" button in the bottom left corner on the tab bar.
Shop section screen layout

How do I delete my Account?

Go to your account settings on the top left and tap the three dots to access our Terms and Policies, where you can find more on account termination In the Account Information section.
Account settings screen layout
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